Feb 7, 2011


One of the best things about living in Portland this past 
year was actually moving back home to the coast after
a renovation which allowed me my dream studio space.


  1. Am I the only one with this problem, I try to open the picture, but all that comes up is a little red "x" and no image.

  2. Wow, sweet digs.

    Um, is that an Ant-man page up on the wall there? Third from the right?

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for posting this. As a digital cartoonist who went back to traditional media a few years ago, I dig any hints of how to map out a studio. Comic Geek Cred: I keep my drafting table almost completely vertical because that's how Kirby, Ditko and Swan did it.

    Having entered the workforce in 1986, it's a pleasure to see flat files and wall clocks.

    David Marshall
    Comic Book Artist
    Comic Book Teacher
    All-Purpose Art Guy

  4. PS: I took my 9-year-old to see the Green Hornet last weekend ... he loved it. Must show him the '60s TV series sometime.

  5. I dig that wall-clock the most!

    Also, those pages on the desk are an exciting preview.

  6. Matt,
    I know what one of those exciting preview pages on Mike's drafting table is...stay tuned to my blog for more info on that!

  7. Wowsers, sir. That is quite the studio. You might want to do something about the creeper in the hat. Those crazy fans will do anything, huh? ;)

    Also, did you guys move back to the lake? I remember seeing a photo tour of your digs through iFanboy or some site and I remember you mentioning that you moved back towards the city. That's some swell scenery to look out on everyday. My drawing table overlooks some dusty blinds in the day time, and when the blinds are drawn it overlooks some crack heads in a halfway house dealing off their porch. Neato.

  8. I have that Rocketeer cup, too! But I just bought mine at the comic shop. Or maybe they gave it to me because I love The Rocketeer so much, and that's just something they would do.

  9. Is that a picture of Laura in her wedding dress? That's pretty sweet.

  10. Ooh, Chad! Another piece de resistance from the Allred studio comin' atcha? Lucky dog!

  11. How did you guys resolve the viewing problem (the "red x")?
    And yes, we have two Ant-Man/Giant-Man pages drawn by Kirby inked by Ditko! I pinch myself everyday because of the amazing original art we have to drool over (I have to wear a bib). I'll have to make a page for all that candy someday. Art should be shared (as long as it stays at my house).

  12. You've got Kirby/Ditko pages?!!

    Holy frijoles!

  13. Awesome, I now have a studio to aspire to.

  14. saved in my favorites is the old
    Studio Tours: Mike Allred from CBR