Feb 2, 2011


Well, we got a winner!  The artist is 
best bud, Darwyn Cooke!  And even 
being pals, I wouldn't have guessed 
that that was his work. Surprisingly, 
the winning guess came fast with the 
third guess.  How'd you do that?  
Insider info?  Have you seen Dar do 
something else like that?  Just lucky?  
Well, send us your address to 
madmail@aaapop.com  so we can 
send you your prize.  It's a very rare 
Limited Edition of the Madman Picture 
Exhibition with pin-ups from an 
amazing crew of over 100 artists 
including legends like Frank Frazetta 
and Moebius to current superstars like 
Darwyn.  We have a couple more of
these gems, so watch for more contests.


  1. Hello Mike.
    In Italy we are still waiting for the second trade paperback of Atomic Comics. I'm your biggest fan and I just wanted to thank you for created Frank Einstein and Red Rocket 7, the great masterpiece, released here recently.

    Excuse my bad English,
    but I have some problem with it ;)

    Thanks for all.