Aug 13, 2012


I'm stunned in learning of the passing of Joe Kubert.  While Joe 
was there almost from the very beginning of the comic book industry, 
he seemed as ageless as his work is timeless.  He never lost a beat.  
What a loss to everyone.  Of course, most especially to his wonderful family. 
But what a legacy.  What an incredible phenomenal astounding legacy.
You might imagine how thrilled I was when he did this incredible piece for me.
Love ya forever Joe!

Aug 8, 2012


Anthony Hernandez asked me to do a cover for his upcoming comic, SUPER CRAZY ANIMAL HAND.  The idea was so insane I just couldn't say no.  The book doesn't have a release date yet, but Anthony said I could go ahead and post a sneak peek.

Aug 3, 2012

After something like seven nominations, Laura finally brings home her Eisner Award for BEST COLORING for iZOMBIE and The MADMAN All-New Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special!   That's her above squeezed in between our pals Craig Thompson and Darwyn Cooke.  Lots of our good friends won big that night including Francesco Francavilla who took away my BEST COVER ARTIST Eisner.  I still love him anyway.

In other news, it was revealed today what my second Marvel "guest issue" gig was:

And the first clues to my big "Top Secret" Marvel series:

Having the time of my life! And with a renewed commitment to take progressive leaps with my artwork and storytelling, I truly feel like my best stuff is in front of me.  Not to mention some foreword inching on the movie front.  But I'm "not mentioning".  Still time for that news to have its day.

In the meantime, really getting a big kick out of this roll out.  It's huge fun having the full skinny and swimming in the suspense.  Super pumped for when everyone gets to see what we're doing in full!