Apr 3, 2015


And my MAD MAX: Fury Road art inspired me to do this:


One of my favorite movie-going experiences was seeing the original MAD MAX at an old movie theater not knowing anything about it going in.  The movie poster art looked like Frank Frazetta might have done it (couldn't fool me now) and the poster said BRIAN MAY did the music.  Being a huge fan of QUEEN, that was all I needed to grab my buddies and head for the movie house.  Of course, I found out later it wasn't THAT Brian May.  But the movie with its ground-breaking kinetic action and "other-wordly near-future setting" blew us away!  A few years later, we were the "coolest kids in the room" when THE ROAD WARRIOR blew up and we were the only ones who knew it was a sequel. Loved BEYOND THUNDERDOME too!  The fourth "MAX Flick", FURY ROAD has been a rumor for years, and while I would have been crazy excited to see an old grizzled Mel Gibson play Max again, I'm jazzed to see what the incredibly talented Tom Hardy will do with the character.  Love the character and the immeasurably influential world George Miller has built.  So I was over the moon when asked to contribute to the Vertigo Art Book.  Here's my contribution with Max and Charlize Theron's Furiosa!

Mar 16, 2015


In interviews and conversation I've often described how
Frank "Madman" Einstein would look in a live action
film and how the makeup design would allow him to be
completely expressive.  My preference would be for him
to wear his leather jacket most of the time.  Obviously,
this is without the jacket, but I was very happy to see it
come very close to what's been in my head.

Feb 27, 2015


I was just rearranging my bookshelves and ran across this lil' gem
that was left at our house after Craig and Sierra Hahn visited us on the coast.
Crazy excited for Craig's upcoming sci-fi book to be published!