Mar 31, 2011


Our box of the MADMAN Giant-Size Super Ginchy 
Special just arrived!  This time I took the one that 
"makes you larger" to make sure I wasn't crushed when 
I cracked open the box of books.  Despite what you may
perceive in the photo, this book is HUGE!  64 pages of
all-new Madman goodness!  Less than a week until this 
and MADMAN: Atomica hit the shelves!  And next 
thursday is the big shindig at Floating World Comics. 
Please come out and rub shoulders with us if you can!

Mar 30, 2011


We've plucked this illustration from obscurity.  An 
abandoned illustration by a promising kid who simply
lacks confidence and could use some encouragement.
We feel he has amazing potential.  Let's give this kid
a chance.  We'll help promote his work by publishing
this beauty in the MADMAN Giant-Size Super-Ginchy
Special!  You can check out more of the exciting work 
of Mr. Frank Cho at:

Mar 29, 2011


MADMAN: Atomica finally arrived today!  It's much 
bigger than I thought it would be. I'm crazy excited about 
this book finally existing and in our hands.  A lot of 
people put a lot of hard work in making sure that 
MADMAN: Gargantua would have a companion to 
keep it company on shelves around the world.  The idea 
that well over 2000 pages of Snap City comics have been 
completed is a mind-numbing thing to contemplate.  I 
still feel like a newbie desperately trying to improve so 
I can draw at least half as good as my heroes who continue 
to inspire me. I'm so grateful to everyone who supports 
what we do by purchasing these crazy books.  And I want 
to thank everyone who helped put it together especially 
Jamie S. Rich, Joe Keatinge, & everyone at Image Comics, 
particularly Tyler Shainline, & Vincent Kukua who put 
in insane hours of production to make it look as good as 
it does.  I love days like this!  But now my back hurts.

Mar 28, 2011


Today a slice of Dave Sim's pin-up from
April 6th's MADMAN Giant-Size Super-
Ginchy Special!  Only 9 days to go!

Mar 27, 2011


Here's a partial in-progress peek at my cover for the
 SPIRIT of HOPE book that CBA is putting together 
to help benefit the victims of the recent tragedies in 
Japan and New Zealand.  I'll post more details when 
I have more information on how to purchase the 
book. In the meantime, you can help out now by going to:

Mar 24, 2011


I thought I'd try something a little different and post
an actual "screen shot" of Laura's computer screen right 
after she finished the colors on my Rocketeer story for 
ROCKETEER ADVENTURES no.1.  Hopefully it 
shows you just enough and next to nuffin' to entice you 
to this labor of love for all involved.  CBR recently 
posted a nifty article about the project built around a 
round table interview for which I was honored to sit in.  
Didn't even know how to do "screen shots" until IDW 
editor, Scott Dunbier asked for one.  I'll wanna be 
waiting to grab the first copy out of the box to see what 
everyone else did!  Check out the CBR piece for more
Rocketeer goodness:

Mar 23, 2011


Here's another peek at my story from the all-new 64-page
special hitting the comic shops April 6th.  I'm trying to be
careful not to show anything that will reveal exactly what
the story is about.  As Bugs Bunny would say, "I'm a stinker!"

Mar 21, 2011


We had the extreme pleasure of meeting 
FLASH artist (among other super cool 
projects), Francis Manapul, and his lady, 
Agnes, (a sneak peek from her coming 
soon) in New Zealand last year. Here's a 
partial slice of what you'll see from Francis
in the April special.  Check out more from 

Mar 20, 2011


Here's a partial peek at David Williams pin-up from 
the upcoming April 6th special.  We met David at 
WonderCon about 20 years ago.  A great guy and an 
amazing artist!  Check out more of his striking work here:

Mar 19, 2011


For today's SNEAK PEEK, here's a partial preview of 
a potential cover for iZOMBIE no.15 I just finished.  
I often do several variations for a cover.  This one is 
well in the lead, though there's another sketch (of three) 
I did for this issue that I like so much I may finish it just 
for the heck of it.  Besides, I'd like to see a nice 
representation of it in the "bonus section"of a future 
collection.  Also, I have a lot of fun showing what I'm 
up to here.  So, watch this space!

Mar 18, 2011


My great pal, and long-time editor, JAMIE S. RICH
turned me on to the work of Tonci Zonjic and even 
blackmailed Tozo into doing a stellar Madman story
for the April 64 page special.  Boy, oh Boy am I 
grateful!  Check out more of his classic cartooning
in WHO IS JAKE ELLIS and here: 

Mar 17, 2011


Today's sneak peek for the MADMAN GSSGS!
Here's a partial preview of Gilbert "Beto" Hernandez's
pin up.  I can honestly say I wouldn't have a career in 
comics if it wasn't for Beto and the inspiration of his 
brothers Jaime and Mario. I could write a book on how

Mar 16, 2011


Today's sneak peek reveals a slice of Harvey Award-
winner Matt Kindt's short story from the MADMAN 
Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special! Twenty-one days
to go, Kiddies!  In the meantime, check out any/all of 
Matt's other ginchy work:

Mar 15, 2011


If you recognize this bench from iZOMBIE in this sneak 
peek of the MADMAN GSSGS you'll have evidence of 
my continuing effort to bring all my comic book world's 
together.  April 6th is coming fast!  Reserve your copy today!

Mar 11, 2011


Today's sneak peek preview from
the MADMAN Giant-Size Super-
Ginchy Special! 26 days to go!

Mar 10, 2011


Here is today's sneak peek for the MADMAN Giant-
Size Super-Ginchy Special!  In stores April 6th!  This is 
from Emi Lenox's charming story called "It's All In 
The Song".  Certain proof of the Special's specialness!
Make sure you get her book EmiTown and visit her at:

Mar 9, 2011


I made this fake comic book cover to
visualize what could have been Ellie
the ghost's favorite childhood comic.

iZOMBIE no.11!

Visit your local comic book shop!

MADMAN Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! SNEAKY PEEKS!

This baby is going to hit the shelves of your local 
comic shop April 6th.  64 pages of all-new crunchy
comic book goodness!  I'm going to try to post a new
piece of the puzzle here on my art blog every day 
until the whole book is pulled out of the shipping
boxes.  So check here often for every sneak peek!


Our friends and fellow cartoonists, Joe Quinones & 
Maris Wicks, came to visit us on the coast.  I dragged 
them out in the rain to traverse the dunes that separate 
our lake from the ocean.  Laura was smart enough to 
stay home and make her delicious stew and Jello cake
for us.  Thick mist hid my usual landmarks that would 
lead us to the "tree tunnel".  There is a thick wall of 
forest right before you get to the beach.  The Parks
Department has carved out a tunnel that is very hard to 
find.  If you miss it, you wont be reaching the beach.
Well, you'll see we found it, but it was flooded.  Some 
chilly wading was required.  I was happy to discover 
that some walking bridges were just added to get us
out of the deeper parts of the flooded trail.  Good times!
Check out their art blogs:

Mar 7, 2011


The first person to correctly identify
at least eleven objects in this photo
will win a signed special HC of our 
MADMAN Gallery collection.  I'll 
give you one:  Laura's T-Rex top hat.

Mar 4, 2011


Time to throw out another tease to flutter the noggin
in anticipation for the MADMAN Giant-Size Super-
Ginchy Special!  In stores April 6th. Can you DIG IT!

Mar 2, 2011


Laura finally got her Wonder Woman MAC
Cosmetics tote bag and t-shirt today.  From 
the photos you might be able to tell that she's
pretty happy about it.  But WATCH OUT!
There's a giant YO-YO hanging above you!


Here's a partial sneak peek at Michael Cho's pin-up
for the MADMAN Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special!
You can see the whole thing in early April when the
book hits the shelf of your friendly neighborhood
comic book shop.  You'll love it to pieces, so buy two!
And check out Michael's Blog!:

Mar 1, 2011


Pal Jeff Newelt just shared these pics with me, and 
thought it would be fun to do the same.
I think this is Paul and I singing Pink Floyd's "Comfortably 
Numb.  We did a few together so I'm not positive which.
Paul moved David Mack to switch on his "Dance Machine" 
mode.  Truly a wonderful sight to behold.  Laura is 
clearly diggin' the happenin' scene.  Pure ecstasy!
Yours truly and PP crank out another duet.  I can make 
out the lyrics "dares you" on the screen.  What song is that?
Special "no prize" for first correct guess.
I'm hoping to get some photos/video of some of the other 
groovy folks who were there, like my guru Bob Schreck
performing "Aqualung".  Or Heidi McDonald blowing us all
away with a crushing song from "Jesus Christ Superstar"?