Mar 24, 2011


I thought I'd try something a little different and post
an actual "screen shot" of Laura's computer screen right 
after she finished the colors on my Rocketeer story for 
ROCKETEER ADVENTURES no.1.  Hopefully it 
shows you just enough and next to nuffin' to entice you 
to this labor of love for all involved.  CBR recently 
posted a nifty article about the project built around a 
round table interview for which I was honored to sit in.  
Didn't even know how to do "screen shots" until IDW 
editor, Scott Dunbier asked for one.  I'll wanna be 
waiting to grab the first copy out of the box to see what 
everyone else did!  Check out the CBR piece for more
Rocketeer goodness:


  1. Aw, you sneaky... !

    This looks SO good!

  2. As if it wasn't cool enough you were doing the Rocketeer, the fact your story 'ties up' the loose end from the last page of Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #3..... I'm so excited that words fail me right now. :)

  3. Can't wait for this! Saw the preview over CBR and got all giddy. You're art plus that great cover by Alex Ross was like a one two punch!

  4. Huge fan of your work! Glad to see you have a blog! Check out my art if you get a chance.