Mar 7, 2011


The first person to correctly identify
at least eleven objects in this photo
will win a signed special HC of our 
MADMAN Gallery collection.  I'll 
give you one:  Laura's T-Rex top hat.


  1. Hmmm. I'm guessing you want things more specific than this...BUT still:

    1. Laura's T-Rex Top Hat
    2. Leopard pajamas
    3. Tall windows
    4. Curtains
    5. Rocketeer poster
    6. Microphone
    7. Mic stand
    8. Mic cord
    9. Batman bag
    10. Sneakers
    11. Space Ghost poster (framed)

  2. Laura's T-Rex Top Hat.
    GMen From Hell Cheetah Costume.
    Space Ghost Print.
    Astro Boy Button.
    1989 Batman tote bag.
    Madman Halloween Mask.
    Rocketeer Poster by Dave Stevens.
    Biker Goggles from Astroesque?
    Mike's Boa from his Burlesque days.
    The Corner that Mike has to stand in when he's in trouble with Laura.
    The Microphone used to record Left Center of the Universe.

  3. Laura's T-Rex top hat
    Rocketeer poster
    Batman bag
    Astro Boy belt buckle
    framed Space Ghost print
    Cheetah costume
    furry black scarf
    black leather gloves
    black microphone
    Madman mask

  4. WRONG!

    So close. You might want to make more than 11 guesses since your misidentifications cost ya. For instance, that's not a Astro Boy "belt buckle".

  5. 1 Madman mask
    2 Laura's T-Rex top hat
    3 Cheetah Man costume
    4 black leater gloves
    5 Space Ghost framed print
    6 black fuzzy scarf
    7 Astro Boy coin purse/pouch
    8 microphone
    9 microphone stand/cord
    10 corner of your lakeside home
    11 window curtains
    12 window
    13 Rocketeer framed poster
    14 Batman bag
    15 goggles
    16 Someone inside the costume (Mike?)
    17 unlaced white shoes
    18 outside right window shows wooden deck overlooking body of water
    19 stand the Cheetahman stands on

  6. Laura's T-Rex Top Hat.
    Cheetah Man costume.
    Converse sneakers.
    Space Ghost framed print
    The Rocketeer poster
    Batman bag
    Astroboy.. pouch?purse?fannypack?
    Fringey scarf
    Black leather gloves
    curtains ...

  7. 1) Rocketeer Poster
    2 Space Ghost print from Steve Rude
    3) Laura's T-rex top hat
    4)Batman movie bag
    5) Cheetah halloween outfit (izombie)
    6) microphone for red rocket 7
    7) Invisible woman costume (unstable molecules)
    8)Astro boy badge
    9) Madman gloves
    10) googles from madman the exit of dr. boiffard
    11)sneaker (Han lost it in an old photo with Robert Rodriguez)
    12)Ziggy Stardust feather boa

    Alessio Danesi (we met in Rome!)

  8. MATT STRAWBRIDGE is our official winner! But everyone who posted up to now has at least earned a signed comic or something. Email us your mailing address to and we'll send you something.

  9. I gotta say I was especially impressed by Ralph to identify the goggles from ASTROESQUE! And Betty made me wish that I actually had a Astro Coy belt buckle. And who wouldn't want "leopard pajamas", eh, Chris?

    So, a goofy contest, I know. I guess I just liked the photo and wanted an excuse to post it. And I want to reward you first five posters for being on your toes. List your favorite comics of ours in order of preference so we can try to get you a personalized comic that you'll want most.

  10. And finally, to clarify.

    It all started with a life-size wooden artist's model that we scored for cheap at the U of O bookstore art department (it was missing fingers).

    1-It is wearing one of the Cheetahman costumes form the "G-Men From Hell" flick.
    2-T.RexTop hat
    3-Batman bag
    4-Astro boy coin bag.
    5-Astroesque goggles
    6-Microphone, Mic stand, Mic cord (each or together was acceptable).
    10-Rocketeer Print
    11-Original painted artwork for Space Ghost cover by Ken Steacy and Steve Rude
    12-Dummy stand
    And I guess we get get crazy specific with stone tiles, glass, frames, air, finger prints, etc.

    So you're all winners! And we'll send you some extra surprises too so you wont be tweaked about this silly contest for "dummies".

    If you found this post too late and missed out, this'll teach you to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, leave your computers, mobile devices, etc. You must keep refreshing my art blog constantly so you never miss a thing.

    More to come soon.

    Are you still here?


    Keep watching.

    Don't blink.

    Nudge nudge wink wink...

  11. Unless you want to sign over your soul, no need to send me anything.

  12. You have everything of mine but my soul, eh Ralph? It's already taken I'm afraid. I'll try to find something you don't already have.

  13. Dang. I accidentally sold my soul a few years back. I guess i will have to look for a replacement elsewhere.

  14. don't forget the grateful dead belt

  15. too late to join the game :(

    got u on twitter now tho, so will be back with a vengeance :) #evil_laugh

  16. Oh bummer, I snooze, I loose!
    That'll teach me! :)
    Great work on the list Matt.

  17. I think it was my realization that the Astroboy item was a coin purse that did it.

    Thanks, Eugy! And thanks to Mike for having such a keen contest!