Mar 9, 2011

MADMAN Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special! SNEAKY PEEKS!

This baby is going to hit the shelves of your local 
comic shop April 6th.  64 pages of all-new crunchy
comic book goodness!  I'm going to try to post a new
piece of the puzzle here on my art blog every day 
until the whole book is pulled out of the shipping
boxes.  So check here often for every sneak peek!


  1. Hey Mike, are you lettering this yourself? If so, looks groovy!

  2. YUP! I've been wanting to do my own hand-lettering again for years. Good or bad (And I hope to get much better) I'm happy to have finally taken the leap. I actually dove in on a YO GABBA GABBA story I did recently for ONI Press (written by Jamie S. Rich).

  3. I agree with Simon. Seeing your signature on art it's immediately recognizable as "you" and looks groovy!

    Frank = detox?!!

    Wow, he really HAS grown up in the past 20 years! ;)

  4. Yeah, the lettering looks great Mike!
    I thought it looked like the old days when you did it, way back when.

    These voice bubbles also have more character and look more organic when done by hand.

  5. Agreed... your hand lettering definitely adds to my enjoyment of your work. Now I just might have to cave in & buy that Yo Gabba Gabba book. Darn you, Mike!

  6. This image has me flipping through my copy of Madman and the Atomics. Good times.

  7. The nostalgist in me loves the the return of the hand lettering, too. (Mr. Burns voice:) "That takes me back!"