Nov 20, 2012


That featureless glowing figure on stage is yours truly singing IMAGINE to 
bestest pal Darwyn Cooke and his new bride Marsha aka (the Nicest Girl Ever). 
It was a big kick being their personal "lounge lizard" for their first dance at the 
House O Blues in Las Vegas this past weekend.  The wedding was moving and 
super cool at The Valley of The Falls with the Rev Dave Johnson performing the 
ceremony.  Several days of Vegas-ee madness filled out the activities.  Much 
sleep was required when we got home. Congratulations DAR & MAR!  Love you!

Oct 26, 2012


I realized that I've done a few things over the past year or so that I
haven't posted, and some stuff that probably hasn't been seen anywhere
in print.  So, here are a few of those items starting with this "re-do"
piece for my "art guy" Simon Miller, of
A variant cover for IDW:
A twist on a "re-do"
Another cover for IDW:
A couple more "re-dos":
And a couple "unique special requests":
And then there's this 40th anniversary Ms Magazine WONDER WOMAN 
cover on the stands now:
I know I've done more stuff to possibly show here, 
but it'll take some digging to make that happen.

Oct 24, 2012


Back at Marvel having a blast and setting new goals.  Wanna see if I can break my record for consecutive monthly books while drawing my best work ever.  I've become quite the efficiency
expert, increasing productivity and experimentation while keeping a strict focus on consistency.
A bit of a balancing act, but invigorating.

Kicking off with Daredevil #17...
...followed by Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (what is it with the number 17?)

...and then MARVEL NOW POINT ONE which prologues the FF
series I'm launching with the crazy cool Matt Fraction via this Ant-Man story:
So far, so good.  The first issue of FF is in the can and I seem to be 
on track to not need a fill-in artist for a good while.  I'm selfish that 
way.  I'm having so much fun that I've done multiple covers and 
images that may not see print before the first collection.  For example:
That's actually the image where I first came up with the logo for the series.

It's no secret that The Kirby issues on Fantastic Four are my all-time favorite comics,
"The Galactus Trilogy" my favorite comic book story ever.  So, to be teamed up 
with my pal, Matt (and the award-winning Laura Allred) with our own humble 
version of the FF has got me intimidated yet pulsating with excitement.  Ant-Man is 
one of my favorite characters, Medusa was my first comic book crush, and She-Hulk 
and Miss Thing are my latest.  It's almost too much.  But you won't hear me complaining.

If you dig what we're doing, please tell your friends to pick it up so we can keep doing it.


Aug 13, 2012


I'm stunned in learning of the passing of Joe Kubert.  While Joe 
was there almost from the very beginning of the comic book industry, 
he seemed as ageless as his work is timeless.  He never lost a beat.  
What a loss to everyone.  Of course, most especially to his wonderful family. 
But what a legacy.  What an incredible phenomenal astounding legacy.
You might imagine how thrilled I was when he did this incredible piece for me.
Love ya forever Joe!

Aug 8, 2012


Anthony Hernandez asked me to do a cover for his upcoming comic, SUPER CRAZY ANIMAL HAND.  The idea was so insane I just couldn't say no.  The book doesn't have a release date yet, but Anthony said I could go ahead and post a sneak peek.

Aug 3, 2012

After something like seven nominations, Laura finally brings home her Eisner Award for BEST COLORING for iZOMBIE and The MADMAN All-New Giant-Size Super Ginchy Special!   That's her above squeezed in between our pals Craig Thompson and Darwyn Cooke.  Lots of our good friends won big that night including Francesco Francavilla who took away my BEST COVER ARTIST Eisner.  I still love him anyway.

In other news, it was revealed today what my second Marvel "guest issue" gig was:

And the first clues to my big "Top Secret" Marvel series:

Having the time of my life! And with a renewed commitment to take progressive leaps with my artwork and storytelling, I truly feel like my best stuff is in front of me.  Not to mention some foreword inching on the movie front.  But I'm "not mentioning".  Still time for that news to have its day.

In the meantime, really getting a big kick out of this roll out.  It's huge fun having the full skinny and swimming in the suspense.  Super pumped for when everyone gets to see what we're doing in full!

Jul 11, 2012


Remember, if you haul it, I'll sign it.  If I have to stay up all night sitting on a sidewalk I'll sign anything that you bought of ours. It's the least I can do for supporting what I'm so grateful for being able to do.  I'm livin' the dream!  And it's all thanks to you folks who pick up our stuff.

And, I hate to break it to you folks who thought ComiCon would be where my "Top Secret Marvel Series" would be announced.  Not gonna happen.  I'm told the big announcement will be in August.   I know I know.  I'm bursting at the seams wanting to scream it from the rooftops.  But a secret's a secret!

Best place to find us off the schedule will be at TR!CKSTER, 795 J Street

Here is our public schedule:

4pm.  Very briefly running by the Marvel booth.  A blip on the radar.
5:45  VERTIGO panel. Super easy to find me at this one.  So happy with what we did on iZOMBIE and welcome any opportunity to talk about the experience.

2pm I'll be on Professor Ben Saunders panel, room 4, author of DO THE GODS WEAR CAPES?  Highly suggested for the brainy and super cool!  Don't know why I'm on it.  I'm neither of those things.

Laura and I have three nominations between us, but they asked us to present, so I'm not sure that's a good sign for our chances.

1pm Signing at the IMAGE COMICS booth with my IT GIRL artist, Mike Norton!  They are giving out free tickets to help with the crowds, so get yours early.  This is my only official signing.  Otherwise, you'll have to haunt TR!CKSTER to find me to sign stuff.  I'm told IMAGE will have copies of the soon to be rare and out-of-print "MADMAN MONSTER".  Best and last chance for a very long time to get this baby signed.  We won't be making any comic show appearances for a very very very long time.  I'm all about being as productive as possible for the foreseeable future. 

Graphitti Designs 30th anniversary "Dead Dog" party!  Good luck getting in that one!

Homeward Bound!  Great Simon & Garfunkel tune.

IT GIRL #3 cover!

May 16, 2012

My first "post iZOMBIE" gig was just announced by USA TODAY.  I've loved DD
since I was a kid, and virtually every incarnation since.  The current run is FANTASTIC
and I'm thrilled to get a "guest spot" in before my next big "secret project".  There's still 
another "guest spot" planned before then too.  Hopefully announced soon.  In the meantime,

May 1, 2012


Stumptown was a gigantic kick!  So many great enthusiastic folks!  So many creative wonderful people! And we had an amazing crowd at the Stumptown after party where THE GEAR played!  Here below are a few snaps that DEBORAH CURTIS LIPSKI took.  THANKS DEBORAH!  We made a faux live album cover out of the first one:


Apr 18, 2012


I can't say EXACTLY what this is for yet, except that all-new IT GIRL
ginchiness is on the way.  An official announcement should come soon.
So, for now, hope you enjoy this "tease".

Apr 12, 2012


Laura and I recently found out that we were 
nominated for EISNER AWARDS!  We truly 
believe that we are living in a golden era with 
more quality comic book work being achieved 
today than ever before.  So it is especially 
overwhelming to see the incredible talent we 
are listed with as well as those who weren't.  
Laura is my absolute favorite colorist and 
deserves every possible accolade.  And I'm a 
huge fan of her fellow nominees and mine.
But speaking for myself, I'm humbled and 
honored that I made the cut.  BIG FUN!  
We've both been on an incredibly encouraging 
high ever since the announcement.
Laura was nominated for BEST COLORIST 
for her work in 2011 including iZOMBIE and 
And for my work in 2011, including the same
 titles, I was nominated for  
Here are some examples of what we love 
doing and somehow brought us these 
flattering acknowledgments: