Oct 24, 2012


Back at Marvel having a blast and setting new goals.  Wanna see if I can break my record for consecutive monthly books while drawing my best work ever.  I've become quite the efficiency
expert, increasing productivity and experimentation while keeping a strict focus on consistency.
A bit of a balancing act, but invigorating.

Kicking off with Daredevil #17...
...followed by Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (what is it with the number 17?)

...and then MARVEL NOW POINT ONE which prologues the FF
series I'm launching with the crazy cool Matt Fraction via this Ant-Man story:
So far, so good.  The first issue of FF is in the can and I seem to be 
on track to not need a fill-in artist for a good while.  I'm selfish that 
way.  I'm having so much fun that I've done multiple covers and 
images that may not see print before the first collection.  For example:
That's actually the image where I first came up with the logo for the series.

It's no secret that The Kirby issues on Fantastic Four are my all-time favorite comics,
"The Galactus Trilogy" my favorite comic book story ever.  So, to be teamed up 
with my pal, Matt (and the award-winning Laura Allred) with our own humble 
version of the FF has got me intimidated yet pulsating with excitement.  Ant-Man is 
one of my favorite characters, Medusa was my first comic book crush, and She-Hulk 
and Miss Thing are my latest.  It's almost too much.  But you won't hear me complaining.

If you dig what we're doing, please tell your friends to pick it up so we can keep doing it.



  1. ALLRED is ALRIGHT!!! gorgeous work, Mike! Looking forward to reading the stories your great art is visualizing!

  2. My most anticipated Marvel NOW! title! As a She-Hulk and Ant-Man fan, I just know this book is going to be great! Can't wait to see you and Matt have in store, Mike!

  3. This makes me happy. I will spend money on all these things.