Feb 10, 2011


Here's a glimpse of Laura's studio space where she 
controls my universe like the bridge of the Starship
Enterprise.  She watches my every move below her...
...like so, but here I'm watching her...OOH-WEE-OOH!


  1. She has an awesome setup and those teases are great. So vibrant!

    Just curious though, when you are down there, do you watch yourself on that tv?

  2. Ralph beat me to the punch with his comment.

    "On a loop!" HA!

  3. So is this your new house, not on the island? It looks like a similar setup to the other place.

  4. Yeah, same place. Mail by boat on the coast. But recently renovated while we lived in Portland this last year. Laura and I used to share her studio space after a pool table bumped me out of mine (seen on the tour you're referring to). Now I finally have my dream space (even though it always feels like someone is watching me or may drop something on my head if I don't draw faster.) But don't be too impressed. It's amazingly, surprisingly inexpensive living here off the grid (GPS doesn't even work here). Way way cheaper than Portland or Seattle. We also did a lot of the renovation work ourselves too. Laura laid ALL the stone tiles herself. I did the wood floors and decks.

  5. That place is amazing.

  6. "But don't be too impressed." pfft. Compared to my living situation pretty much everything is impressive.

    You should set up a giant umbrella down there so she can't see when you are foolin' around on twitter.

  7. If you get an umbrella make sure to paint a big red-and-white target on top to give Laura something to aim for.

  8. Ok this is going to sound really weird but I would sell a kidney for one of those couches!

    Can someone tell me where the heck can I found one of those??? (please let it be IKEA).

  9. A store near Powells in downtown Portland called West Elm is where we got those couches.