Sep 14, 2013


As we round the corner to completion of our run on FF, and have just 
one cover left to reveal, I thought it would be fun to post all the covers
as they looked before hitting production with logos and stuff.  But first
I wanted to share the first FF image I completed which shows slightly 
different costumes, most noticeably She-Hulk's.  I also drew a logo on 
this piece which our super swell editor, Tom Brevoort, and the Marvel
gang liked enough to have me polish up for the official logo.  The tiny 
figure in the upper right corner would become significantly prescient as well.
I also want to publicly thank our great pal, Matty Fraction, for the wonderful
wonderful trip.  I've never had more fun on a book!  Or a greater challenge.
The cast has grown into one of the larger team of regulars in a comic and
I love every single one of them!  I'm pumped to see the reactions to our wrap up.

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  1. Oh, you've left the galactic herald out of the bag now, son! ;)