Sep 29, 2013


Now this qualifies as one of my favorite covers.  I always selfishly set
out to entertain myself hoping that others will enjoy what I'm doing too.
 Then I get a big kick when Laura digs what I've drawn and has fun
coloring it.  Then, of course, it's encouraging when my collaborators
(writers, editors, letterers, publishers, etc) get excited.  And hope against
hope, fingers tightly crossed, folks are willing to part with their hard-
earned cash when it hits the shelves in the ol' local comic shop.  Awards
and other modes of praise are nice too.  But ultimately, it all starts with
an act of pure selfishness as I play in imaginary worlds hunched over
my humble drafting board in my super neat-o studio/play room.  And
for whatever reasons, this cover is among my top five faves for the series.
But the next one (no.16), our last, is my very very favorite.  I could not
be happier with how we are wrapping up our epic tale.  As soon as
Marvel releases the final cover I'll post it here.  But for now I'll give you
a hint:  It might be a little familiar for those familiar with my very first
piece of FF art.  It makes for a nice bookend.
BTW, compare this version to the final printed version when it comes 
out.  "NO-PRIZE" opportunities abound!

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