Sep 13, 2013

Just dug out this snap of me (Doing my best Jason Lee from Mallrats impersonation) and my pals on the CHASING AMY set. Ben has done all right since then.  I'm still waiting for my Oscar.  Happy to have what we have (Harveys, Eisners, Inkpot, Wizard Fan, Barkster, VMA, etc.) adding to the clutter on our shelves since then.  But I've yet to start my EGOT.  Everybody likes an encouraging pat on the back. Look what my encouraging Ben has done for him.  Your welcome!  Strange and fun to look back every so often.  I guess this was a long time ago by some measurements.  Just doesn't feel like it.

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  1. ...i loved reading that hand written letter from Jason Lee about how much he liked Madman! (Think it was posted in the Vault thing you put out((which i loved!!))...any plans for a volume 2?) Kissing a Fool is one of my favorite romantic comedies!