Oct 12, 2013


The hardest thing about working on something you love so much is 
having to keep it a secret.  But it's not just an incredible relief when a 
project is finally announced, it's a powerful thrill!   So, today the 
SILVER SURFER series I'm doing with the equally jazzed Dan Slott 
was officially announced today at NYCC with great enthusiasm and 
the response has been wonderful.  This project means too much to me 
to even attempt explaining here without writing an entire chapter to my
life story (which would be of questionable interest).  Suffice to say 
I'M OVER THE MOON!  This is gonna be OUT OF THIS WORLD! 


  1. I can't wait. Though I keep hoping beyond hope with your work at Marvel that you might revisit our friends in X-Statix.

  2. Mike please tell us about your passion for the Silver Surfer

  3. Looking forward to being dazzled by your work, as always.

  4. Seriously you're my favorite, I cannot wait for this :D

  5. As heartbroken as I was to see the wonderful FF ending (I can't think of another title even remotely like it), this news *more* than makes up for it. March can't get here fast enough! Hopefully you'll treat us to another teaser image or three in the meantime...? :-)

  6. Love that Kirby hand! Can't wait to read this, Mike! (also looking forward to some day hearing about how much this means to you!)