Oct 28, 2013


Here's the last (and my personal favorite) cover to FF.  So bittersweet to
see this come to an end.  I had so much fun working with my great
friend Matt Fraction, finally doing something long-term together
(though not long enough).  And I'm fighting back tears of joy fulfilling
the childhood dreams of working on a Marvel title with my big brother
Lee.  Huge hugs for pal Joe Quinones and his amazing issues as well!
And the great Tom Brevoort, and right-hand man, the awesome Jacob
Thomas for herding us cats! I'm currently wrapping up the art on no.15
and eager to jump on to the GRAND FINALE Lee has scripted with
his genius brain that still amazes me to this day (Mark Waid is the only
other person I've ever met that seems to have "The Complete 
Encyclopedia of Comic Books"stored in their skull).  When concluded,
if you don't agree that Matt and Lee have crafted a timeless masterpiece
(that I'm doing all I can to illustrate worthily) then yer KWAY-ZEE!!!

Hey!  Who is that Silver dude in the upper right hand corner?!


  1. Aagh. I guess all good things have to come to an end, but this will make my top ten all time list for sure.

  2. This has been my numero uno favorite title for its entire run. Thanks to you and everyone else involved in making this happen. It jolted me out of rut and got me back into my own creative flow and I will go back to it, as needed, for inspiration whenever I need it.