Nov 29, 2014


Doing some looking back.  The making of Chasing Amy doesn't feel that long ago…but I guess it's been a while.  This movie comes up at least once at every signing appearance we do.  I shared my first movie scene with the great Ethan Suplee (with his awesome back to us here) with the opening line of, "I love Chow Yun-Fat, but I don't think he'd be right to play Madman".  Now, where's my Oscar!

And speaking of Oscars, Ben Affleck won his first for co-writing Good Will Hunting very soon after this.  Look how much he's enjoying reading that MADMAN collection! The Universe has just opened!

Notice how my booth is completely opposite of Ben & Jason's (Holden & Banky's).  It was great fun getting to know everyone including Scott Mosier on the left (the Producer), who I met for the first time in San Diego the same time I first met Kevin Smith, and Ben's younger, and extremely talented brother Casey Affleck. The big Madman poster in the background is to my right from where I'm sitting.

Somewhere I have lots of behind the scenes footage that I shot of this day, including take after take of  the great Jason (Syndrome/Buddy Pine) Lee thrashing Scott Mosier.
And, of course, the amazing Joey Lauren Adams!  I was privileged to draw her on the cover of the CHASING AMY comic seen at the end of the film.  Jason is sporting a Madman "Excite-ning Bolt"from that year's "Fall Collection".  A new version of the shirt is now available in the "Shirt Shop" (at right)!
Here's "Jay & Silent Bob" (The hilarious Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) looking at the latest issue of BLUNTMAN & CHRONIC (with my cover art). I designed their costumes, and drew all of the art attributed to Banky & Holden.  With a great deal of help from my great pal, Matt Brundage, I did the opening title sequence too (with Laura's colors of course). I have so many great memories associated with this movie and its production...  
Kevin had a giant condo at the Sundance Film Festival where CHASING AMY debuted that a bunch of us stayed in ( I think Miramax sprung for it. Not sure).  The film received an extremely enthusiastic standing ovation at its screening.  Lots of famous faces in the crowd.  I remember being pretty excited about meeting Roger Ebert (even though he'd slammed a lot of my favorite movies).  The after-parties were insane.  Joey wanted to keep going and going (it was her week after all).  Because I was the only one with experience driving in the snow I ended up being the one behind the wheel of the rented SUV.  We plowed through some serious banks of snow going to various fancy mountain homes.  A thrill, but I was terrified of being responsible for wrecking a vehicle full of so much talent on their big night.
Look who Ben's hiding behind at the end of the flick!  That's Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada (super swell fellas! You may have heard of them!)!
Heeeeeere's ETHAN! And my favorite of the covers I made:

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