Mar 5, 2012


Being of the obsessive collector breed (I'm sure many of you can relate),
I've wanted one of these 60s ball chairs since I was a little kid and saw the
movie TOMMY for the first time.  I even drew Frank Einstein in one for the
cover to POPGUN no.1.  Brian Michael Bendis was just too darn mean to
sell me his, but we finally found one for an unbelievably low price and
snagged it and it arrived today!  Here's a picture of the love of my life with
my prized Laura sitting in it.  Oops...I mean...jus' kiddin'...flip that. Heh heh.

And here's Frank Einstein sitting in one before I had proper reference:


  1. i've been wanting one since forever! fat chance finding one in greece tho :p

  2. Ken Steacy owns one of these, guys should form a club!

  3. Oh, man, I have ALWAYS wanted one of those.

  4. I remember Pierce Brosnan was sitting in one during the film Mars Attacks. Everyone cool has one now!

  5. Good for You! :)
    BTW nice drawing! Would be our pleasure to see some at our online art community. Feel free to join and meet new friends!

  6. Nice. Now you can have your back to people, and turn to face them when they walk into a room. Next up a white long haired cat...