Feb 16, 2012


Check this out!  Aaron Ragan-Fore wrote a story on iZombie for the local
"Happenin' Hipster" Eugene Weekly. And the story came out today as the
cover feature no less.  Since almost all of the events in iZombie take place
in Eugene, it's fun to see locals take note and seek out the real locations.


  1. As a longtime fan, I'm entirely tickled to see that the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House will be showing up in your new book! I manage the place.

    Drop me a line if we can show you around the inside of the building or something. What a treat.

  2. Hello Sara! A nice retired couple showed Laura and I around the place a few months ago. We've already featured the house several times in the book, so you're in for a BIG treat...Now! Rode my bike past there last week and was knocked out by those new amazing concrete stairs connecting the house to the main road. Kudos! We'll drop by again soon.

  3. We're pretty proud of the new stairs. All the concrete pours finished up last week and I'm hoping we'll get the go-ahead to open them to the public sometime in March.

    I put in an order at Powell's this evening and will look forward to reading the book -- usually zombies are more the kids' thing, so I hadn't picked it up yet (the kids have...a little bit of a fixation. Nothing like your minor children singing about brain-eating in the background while you're on the phone with clients.) But hey, if it's got SMJ and a green cemetery (my other line of work)....

  4. Well, if you like the first volume, there are three more collections beyond that. By the way, NOT for kids, and not your parents monsters either. Hope you like it.

  5. ...you drew a snow leopard eating a steak on that peach-colored couch in the sitting room that most of the docents don't like. It'd be hard not to like pretty much everything about that.

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