Aug 12, 2011


I love comic books so very much!  And it's always a gas
to get excited and talk up my fave comic books new and old.
What a trip then to hear folks express excitement about
MY contributions to this wonderful industry/art form.
I'm humbled, yet happily eager to show this off:


  1. I live in Peru so i cant get many comic books, perhaps some graphic novels arrive once in while in bookstores and there are some comic shops but there is no real industry. So there was no chance of getting your work, but i believe i saw that episode a while back (I had seen the previous interview you had) during trip to America and reminded me of your work. So i bought all the three trades of madman atomic comics and let me say its the best read i had of all the 50 or so comic/graphic novels/trades i bought. As an aspiring comic artist let me say you have become one of the creators i will now follow and respect the most. Thank you Mr. Allred for creating madman atomic comics and being such an amazing artist. Greetings from Peru.

  2. WHEW! Thanks, Carlos! That mans a lot. We hope to swing down to Peru one of these days, so it'll be nice seeing your country and knowing someone there likes our little comic book playground.

  3. Thanks for answering back, i didn´t actually think you would so you can imagine how excited I am. if you ever decide to come to Peru I´m sure you´ll have a great time and actually notice how comic books are actually growing in my country. A publisher has picked up the rights to many books and publish them weekly for the last 3 years selling around 20 thousand copies every week and one of the few comic shops have actually started publishing comic books from national creators. More so, this year there was a real convention with creators like fabio moon and gabriel ba assisting. I hope to get more of your work as soon as possible, Mr. Allred but I think i have taken too much of your time away so now go back to your drawing table and keep creating marvelous pieces of art we like to call comic books.