Apr 12, 2011


You might recognize the signature on this 
art excerpt, but it is only the tip of a monster
iceberg.  We'll have an official announcement
soon on what will surely be the biggest
MADMAN publication ever.  Stay tuned!


  1. Anything with Paul Pope is a big YES for me. So him doing Madman, a favourite of mine, is looking to be something AWESOME :)


  2. is it like a old sunday comic like captain easy (which pope enjoys i must add)
    p.s. I know you like bowie so what do you think of devo

  3. You're on target. Paul & I both rage for Roy Crane's Captain Easy (& Wash Tubbs& Buz Sawyer...)

    I dig DEVO too! "Beautiful World", "Triumph of the Will", "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA", "Freedom of Choice", and more in my regular rotation.

  4. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!! I smell some hardcover 11 x 17 goodness.

  5. Now yer talkin'! I've mentioned this project, or at least hinted at it, before... and it's reaching fruition. I just want to give a little time between the "Atomica/Ginchy" release and the "Monster" before I spill all of the astounding details. I'm planning on leaking more of these little slices before spilling the whole skinny. And I have MUCH MUCH more to tease without putting a dent in the final project. Watch this space!

  6. Man, you teasey teaser! It's like Christmas this year for us Allred fans.

    Now I've got "Beautiful World" stuck in my head... which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

  7. When it comes to reviving the dead, I depend on Madbrand brand batteries! I would trust no other!

  8. Eh, Flem Volt puts out some good batteries.

    The trick is not losing your head when the quit working.

  9. "we`re all devo"
    -boogjie boy
    they did suck on total devo smooth noodle maps but their back with full force
    duty now for the future

  10. please dont let it be 50 bucks im trying to help my comix shop