Jan 17, 2011


I've been wanting to do an artist's blog for years, but me no so quick with new technology so I never made the leap until now.  Besides, our "Webmaster Genius" pal, Brian Huberd, does such an amazing job designing and maintaining our aaapop.com website so brilliantly that I could happily put it off.

But now it's become easy enough for someone even as backwards as me, and sometimes I want to show something off NOW.  And with dozens of new pieces from many of my favorite artists in the pipeline for the MADMAN SUPER-GINCHY GIANT-SIZE SPECIAL! and next year's MADMAN 20th ANNIVERSARY MONSTER!,  I'm going to want to provide sneak peeks so folks get as excited about this stuff as me...so here we go!

But first to warm up, thought I'd just start off posting a 
few images that I have handy and something to say about.
This "Abby Road" image was something I did 
immediately after doing a version of Neil Gaiman's 
"Endless" characaters for a special gallery show print.  
I wanted my crew in the setting of that iconic Beatles 
image, and this was the result.
 My original cover painting for 
I, Zombie no.1 which should be in
 the extras section of the soon-to-be-
released collection.
This was a treat!  I was asked by an editor at Marvel 
Comics to ink an image for the legendary Ramona 
Fradon.  I happily obliged!
Apparently she liked my brush work because 
she then personally asked me to ink her again on 
this "Women of Marvel" piece.
Probably my favorite Ramona Fradon 
comics would be her work on 
Here are scans of the original art on 
two of the most challenging pages 
Neil Gaiman threw at me when we 
worked on Wednesday Comics together.
One of my favorite artists who I can 
never get enough of is Philip Bond.  
Here is a recent pin-up he did for 
april's MADMAN Super-Ginchy 
Giant-Size Special!   Wait'll you 
see Laura's colors on this baby! 


  1. Congratulations on starting this new blog, Mike. And thank you! I've been wanting to see that I, Zombie painting again ever since I saw you with it in Montreal. Really looking forward to reading your insights on each piece :)

  2. That Phillip Bond piece is snappy!

    And I LOVE that iZombie alternate cover. It looks like an album cover. Songs about each character, with one track leading into the other.

    -Matt Strawbridge

  3. Wow, I love the iZombie painted cover!

  4. Hey Mike! Great blog! Is that a Debbie Harry zombie? Can't wait to see more!

  5. Yup! Kindah. I used Debbie Harry, Michele Pfeiffer and my wife Laura as inspiration for the look of Gwen in I, Zombie. But Debbie was referenced in Chris Robberson's original proposal for another character. And I immediately wanted to reference her for our star.

    Now she is among my all-time five favorite creations. Up there with It Girl, Joe Lombard, Red Rocket 7, and Frank Einstein. And I'm very fond of all my creations and co-creations (Metal Man, Edie, Mr. Sensitive, The Slug, Mr. Gum, Black Crystal, The Cadaver, Venus...).

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