Aug 13, 2014


This was a thrill!  The super cool Mark Chiarello (who masterminded and invited me to the DC SOLO series, & the WEDNESDAY COMICS project) asked me to draw over 20 variant covers of DC Comic's top titles in the spirit of my BATMAN '66 covers.  Here they be!  In their raw virgin typeless state.  Some were altered (see if you can tell what & why) for publication & some not used at all (yet anyhoo).  Hopes ya dig!


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    1. Also, that Green Lantern Corps looks super amazing :D

  2. I bought every one of these that I could! The ones that didn't make it onto the stands are wonderful. Thanks for posting here so we could enjoy!

  3. Those unused covers at amazing! I hope they are made available some day!

  4. Looks like there's a Nightwing and Teen Titans cover. Too bad those titles were canned the month before the Allred Batman '66-theme covers came out.

    I can't place the other cover (the one with the classic Justice League and Catwoman in the "shot"). Can anyone help?

    Also, it's hardly fair to call the cover of any actual print Batman '66 a part of the theme series. EVERY main cover of Batman '66 has been an Allred (except for issue 11, where, in a switch, it was the variant).

  5. I love that superman and wonderwoman drawing