Aug 26, 2014

BATMAN '66 COVERS (so far)!

It's crazy to think that in a couple year's time I've done over 40 Batman
(or Batman inspired) covers!  I dreamed big when I was a little kid, but
I don't think I dreamed this big.  Laura and I have been having the best
time with everything we get to do in the "Comic Book Biz"and don't
take anything for granted. I'll update with more cover images when I have
another stack built, but here's what I've drawn, and Laura has colored,
that has been released so far:

BATMAN '66 no.1

So excited to draw the BATMAN '66 covers, I actually drew the era's logo 
on the original art for a couple of the covers.  Couldn't help m'self.
This image immediately came to mind, wanting to incorporate the Adam West
& Burt Ward likenesses into the show's animated opening credit design.
My brother, Lee, and I are creating a story for the series that is built entirely 
around the images from that sequence.

BATMAN '66 no.2 
The Batgirl image was digitally removed and used for a later issue.

BATMAN '66 no.3

BATMAN '66 no.4
Swinging London

BATMAN '66 no.5
Batgirl again!

 BATMAN '66 no.6

 BATMAN '66 no.7

BATMAN '66 no.8
I think this was the second cover I completed (which would explain 
why I again drew the logo directly on the original art).  The story got 
bumped for a later issue.  This art is now getting prepped for a gallery 
show in Portugal.

BATMAN '66 no.9
This was the original "Shame" cover, thus the "S" on the boots.

BATMAN '66 no.10

BATMAN '66 no.17

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