Feb 12, 2012


No, it's not new details on The Madman Movie.  It's three nifty "poor man's 3D" imagery that our pal, Christian LeBlanc made.  Select/click on the them individually. The first two images you simply need to be about two feet from the screen and gently cross your eyes until the two images become three.  Then focus on the center image.  It might help to block out the outer two images with your hands.  Groovy, right?  It worked for me almost instantly.  It took Laura a couple tries.  The third image is a classic 3D image where you'll need to dig out a pair of the classic red/blue frames.   Have fun!  But don't blame us if your eyes get stuck.


  1. Aw, thanks, Mike! And thedave!

    ProTip for anyone figuring out how to cross their eyes right for the first time: start with the image of Frank pointing at you, it's much easier to get working. Since The Gear shot is wide, it's a bit trickier to fandangle, especially if your computing device has a widescreen monitor.

  2. Hey, great stuff Christian!