Dec 29, 2014


This was a great experience.  Soon after Madman was optioned by
Universal, I was approached by other folks interested in "getting
into the Michael Allred Business".  Producer Rick Albert had a
vision to turn one of my earliest efforts into a flick.  Packed with a
grab bag of fun familiar faces (Robert Goulet as The Devil?!) and
directed with panache by Christopher Coppola, this baby was birthed.
 Our family held up at the Disneyland Hotel for several days while I
hung out on set in Long Beach (Don't worry.  I got a LOT of time
with the wife and kids in the "Happiest Place On Earth".)  When the
shot with Cheetahman on the roof was setting up, I noticed the full
moon and pointed out how cool it would be to move the camera in
order to get the moon over Gregory Sporleder's shoulder.  Whoosh!
Just in time. The moon soon ducked behind the building.  But the
shot was got.  I was rewarded with a little cameo where William
Forsythe's Agent Dean Crept gives me the keys to the car just crashed
into the church, and I got to share the screen with Bill, Tate Donovan,
Kari Wuhrer, and Vanessa Angel.

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