Apr 9, 2011


Droogs At Floating World
What a blast!  We are so grateful to everyone who came out, especially those who braved the mic and belted out something during the karaoke extravaganza.  We even had a ringer in the crowd when surprise guest, Courtney Taylor of the DANDY WARHOLS, showed everyone how to CRUSH Jethro Tull's Aqualung with his very own Courtney-ized version.  It was swell seeing old friends show their support while making a bunch of new friends (who will someday be old friends.  Everything has a beginning).  Jamie S. Rich was our K.J. and kicked off the singing with the first song and kept everyone happy and in line with his strict harsh ways.  We cracked open several cases of MADMAN: Atomica and completely sold out!  The evening was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for.  Thank you everybody!  Let's do it again soon. By the way glitter-rock compadre, Christian Lipski, took the full-length photo of your humble narrator in the Droog outfit. Special "no-prize" for whoever can name the most faces in the slideshow. This "no-prize" might actually be worth something...GO!


  1. I know I saw:
    Mike and Laura Allred
    Brian Huberd
    Jamie S. Rich
    Courtney Taylor-Taylor
    Emi Lenox
    Joe Keatinge
    Matt Wagner
    Jason Leivian
    Natalie Nourigat
    Randy Bowen
    Cat Farris
    John Schork
    Indigo Kelleigh
    Christian Lipski

    And I'm pretty sure I saw:
    Joe Quinones
    Aaron Jensen
    Randall Kirby
    Chris Roberson
    Jesse Reklaw

    Lastly, not a face... but I spotted the karaoke lyrics to "Animal Nitrate" by Suede.

  2. Matt, you've already said 16 more than I know!

    Mike and Laura Allred
    Jamie S. Rich
    Courtney Taylor-Taylor

  3. Don't forget:
    Ron Chan
    Paul Guinan
    Anina Bennett

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