Mar 29, 2011


MADMAN: Atomica finally arrived today!  It's much 
bigger than I thought it would be. I'm crazy excited about 
this book finally existing and in our hands.  A lot of 
people put a lot of hard work in making sure that 
MADMAN: Gargantua would have a companion to 
keep it company on shelves around the world.  The idea 
that well over 2000 pages of Snap City comics have been 
completed is a mind-numbing thing to contemplate.  I 
still feel like a newbie desperately trying to improve so 
I can draw at least half as good as my heroes who continue 
to inspire me. I'm so grateful to everyone who supports 
what we do by purchasing these crazy books.  And I want 
to thank everyone who helped put it together especially 
Jamie S. Rich, Joe Keatinge, & everyone at Image Comics, 
particularly Tyler Shainline, & Vincent Kukua who put 
in insane hours of production to make it look as good as 
it does.  I love days like this!  But now my back hurts.


  1. Is this photograhpic foolery or did you get a huge cardboard/paper mache version made?

    So cool!

  2. "Comic book artist Michael Allred was found today crushed under the weight of his newest collected works. When asked to comment the artist's wife and working partner Laura Allred stated that she saw it coming and now it was time to move on and color books for that Darwyn Cooke guy.

    Allred is survived by his wife, three children, and overly mournful editor Jamie S. Rich who was quoted as saying that he thought that this would never happen and now his former shared plans with Allred to engage in suburban gang activity dressed as the droogs from Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange at the age of 60 would never be." ;)

    Seriously though that's an awesome photo, sir.

  3. Funny Jonathan! Especially since my first instinct was to make one up with just my hands, feet, and a pool of blood oozing out from beneath the book. I guess you could say I "thought better of it". Always fighting my impulses to "go for the gore".

  4. I hope this one doesn't have flip action corners, i don't think i have the manpower.

  5. I slept between pages 421 and 422 last night. Very cozy.

  6. Very cozy, eh?

    You oughta have a custom made sleeping bag of this and Gargantua made.

    Y'know, going for the gore wouldn't have been bad... as long as you didn't somehow get your eye plucked out by a stray page. ;)

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  8. Will this get a reprint? Please?