Nov 28, 2014


Feature a cool comic shop and shoot to NUMBER ONE!
Wait!  What's that on the wall in the back?!
I get a big kick out of stuff like this, when our stuff squeezes into the Pop Culture Zeitgeist.
So, I'll admit to having a great time being able to show off these stills when Madman, Hellboy, The Goon, and other indies were featured heavily in the earliest appearances of the Comic Shop on TBBT!
Sheldon expresses the joy of smelling new comics getting unboxed (in the background).
Also happy to report that the Big Bang cast were all staying at the same hotel as us at SDCC and all of them could not have been nicer to us and our kids when we were all at the pool together. Terrific folks!
Laura had actually met Johnny Galecki years before when he was on the ROSEANNE Show and had a great impression of him then.  Always nice to see good folks do well.

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