Jan 18, 2012


Matt Wagner wrote the first fan letter I ever got before
anything of mine was ever published!
Actually it was a very encouraging post card.  My first
book, DEAD AIR, was coming from Slave Labor
Graphics based in San Jose, and Matt was living there
at the time.  SLG publisher, Dan Vado, showed him
my stuff and Matt gave me the biggest boost of confidence
I could have received via a post card to Germany, where
I was living and working as a TV reporter for AFRTS.
We both ended up moving to Oregon (my home state)
at roughly the same time and he's been one of our best
pals ever since.  Now we're even in a book club together.
Other than my big brother, Lee, he may even be the
most well-read guy I've ever known.  I think he reads
about two dozen books every week.  Theres' no keeping
up with the guy!  It was a huge thrill to get his strip for
the "MADMAN MONSTER".  Here's a sneak peek:


  1. Looks awesome, but I hope you fixed that typo before it went to press...

  2. So simple and so true! If I have to describe Madman to an interested comic reader, I'll describe him using the 3 panels above. I can't wait to storm my local comic shop for the MADMAN MONSTER!

  3. So when will the Monster be out?

  4. The "Monster" should be out any time now. Hopefully next week.