Aug 15, 2011


When in San Diego, for whatever reason, CBR TV asked to interview me at their yacht tied up in the Marina near the Marriott where we were staying.  I happened to have a Beatles era "yacht hat", so it was easy to oblige. If you're into hearing some dude blab on endlessly about himself, this could be for you:
I got a free custom CBR kazoo out of the deal too!


  1. GREAT INTERVIEW! I really enjoyed the cool info, but especially the part about your dad and just going and accomplishing what you want. -Really encouraging!

  2. That's a "yacht hat"? Nice! I need one.

  3. Your enthusiasm for "what you do" really resonated with me.

    When I went back to school to get my design degree, your work got my BACK into my love of comics.

    Now as a full-time designer—I find myself full circle trying to get my 1st comic issue out to the masses.

    Just wanted to say how much your work has been an inspiration to me both as a designer and an illustrator. Thanks!

  4. Hey Mike I like your style. I used to collect Madman Comics when I was younger. They were always sort of hard to get, not everyone sold them or had many copies if they did. I'm in the process of making my own T-Shirts original artwork, cartoons and band shirts for Decent at Best. Saw your Madman Compilation at the library today, the whole three volumes. Thought they would look awesome on T-Shirts, that Mister Excitement costume with the exclamation mark is cool. That would be later on after I've made my own original shirts. Since it would be your characters and artwork or my artistic interpretation of a panel, it's necessary and respectful to ask you about this. This is all hypothetical for the moment. Just really enjoyed reading your work and it has sort of a warm nostalgia for me and they would be some classy shirts.

  5. wonderful interview.. its really awesome.. i like the content.. and the things you have talk about..

  6. Somehow, I just now saw your comment on my Covered cover...and I'm floored. Beyond your work's influence on my own work and aesthetic, having my facsimile appreciated by the creator is simply flattering and vastly energizing. Also, your Mifune looks great!